Winning The Global Market With Top Quality Breast Pump


While Cimi establishes the connection to our company's identity which is celebrate for the innovative and high quality products with an advance technology, Flo is derived from the world "flow" that explains the product philosophy that using our products can help mom's to express breastmilk continuosly for the baby.


Flo with the easily evident liquid mark inside the circle, signifies the flow of life from a loving mother to the baby securely and purely stored.

Why Should Choose Cimiflo by Cimilre?

Hands free feature

Pumping without having to hold it

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Ultra silent below 45 db

Not waking the baby while pumping

Made in Korea with 18 years experience

focus on quality and experience

2 years* limited warranty

Warranty in the form of service and repair

Slim model

Easy to carry anywhere

White glossy metalic body

Stains can be cleaned easily

Improving suction power

Pumping efficiently with more results

Welcome To Cimiflo

Cimiflo is a trusted brand for breast pump today. This product is designed by combining the function and quality of the product, to support all activities of busy mother and beside it must give milk to baby beloved.

The excellent feature of our breast pump is Hands Free, which allows the mother to keep breastfeeding without having to be held. Your busyness will not be disturbed during the pumping process


Cimiflo: Modern Breast Pump for Modern Moms