Cimilre was founded since 1999 by Uzin Medicare, serving under the brand, SPECTRA & CIMILRE, until January 2016, Cimilre took a spin - off to estabish as an independent company and brand for the further development of innovative baby care products.


Provide by 16 years of accumulated experience in the market and technological know-how on quality breast pumps Cimilre is dedicated to advance as a leading manufacturer For quality baby care products.


For Winning the Global Market with Top Quality Breast Pump, at July 2017 Cimilre. Co. Ltd. Also make the new brand Cimiflo. With this new brand and has a deep meaning “See Me Flow”, we believe that our breast pump will become a Trusted by all Moms.

Our Goal


We value the overall quality of health, safety and happiness for babies and mums!


Our three goals are:

  1. Standard Management

  2. Quality Management

  3. Customer Satisfaction