Hands Free Breast Shield offers busy moms to express their milk and avoid the hassle of being hand tied. Compatible with multiple pumps. Enjoy the freedom of pumping and daily activities simultanneously.

Fits easily onto bra allowing you to enjoy other activities as you express

Purpose of use

Packaging and Unit Weight
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Cimiflo Hands Free Breast Shield
Attach onto bra to express breast milk without applying hands
1 Set, Device - 179g
Printed on Box
Printed on Box
Cimilre Co., Ltd. (Made In Korea)



Component disassemble for easy cleaning and sanitary use


Boil in hot water or sanitize with UV Sterilizer for a safe and hygienic use

Hands Free Breast Shield Set


Provides extra convenience to busy moms allowing expression while attending other activities

Compatible with multiple breast pumps


These soft and comfortable breast shield products are an accessory to use with a breast pump and milk storing bottle for expressing breast milk

Structural design of Backflow Preventor

Silicone diaphragm pump can be easily disassembled for cleaning and reassembled without hassle